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2015 Peer Support Leaders

Jemma Armer, Charlotte Walker, Ruben Aguirre Coto, Daniel Smith, William Di Mieri, Matthew Mitchell, Shellby  Dale, Jakiah Svaljek, Chantel Guirguis,

Amy Ross, Alesha Winzar, Jacinta Guirguis, Dylan Andrew, Hannah Pace, Maddison James, Cheyenne Voss, Brittany Jakeman, Jaclyn Piriz, Blake-ly Tonpao, David Peters,  Xavier Rabottini, Kade Bishop,  Montana Salton, 

Anna Cicalese, Kaitlyn Segrave, Chloe Sneddon, Amy Garafolo, Gabrielle Hosking, Courtney Buhagiar, Brooke Noble,  Tylah Bavage, Veronica Roman, Kyle Harvey, Dominic Miesen,  Mayen Anyar, Sarah Manyok, Nicholas Hibberd, Cooper Lewis, Grace Patterson, Alanna Grech, Chloe Galakos, Breanne Landells, Adhieu Moses,  Rebekah   Hibberd, Veronica Raic, Shayna Johnson, Ainsley Roberts, Matthew Spiteri, Cooper Richardson, Thomas Spiteri.

Peer Support 2015 

During Term 1 the Year 10 Peer Support leaders will be coming into Year 7 classrooms for 40 minutes every week to work on the skills of 'Behaving with Integrity'. The Peer Support program teaches young people practical life skills that help both themselves and their friends through times of change and adversity and the program provides a fun, but thought provoking environment to address these issues. 
This module supports students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling them to identify their values and align their actions with their beliefs. 'Behaving with Integrity' focuses on four specific values; respect, responsibility, inclusion and integrity and the module compliments and supports the National Framework for Values Education in Australian schools. 
To support your child through this transition you can discuss with your child the activities, concepts and understandings they developed by participating in the Peer Support Program. If you have any queries in regards to this program, please don't hesitate to contact me on 

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