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2016 VCE/VCAL Awards

High Achiever ATAR Award: Students who achieved an ATAR above 85. This puts them in the top 15% of students across the state.

Kitty Robinson, Maddison Bassal, Annabelle Taylor, Zaylie Le Huray, Caitlin Baselmans, Alycia Morrow, Frank Cicalese, Stefan Subasic, Corey Vella, Mitchell Ryan, Brianna Pawlowicz, Alycia Dingli, Alexandra Pritchard, Cassie Millburn, Isabella Williamson.

High Achiever Study Score Award: Students who achieved a 40 or higher out of 50. This score places them in the top 10% of the State. 
Caitlin Baselmans: Health and Human Development, Maddison Bassal: Psychology & Legal Studies, Lauren Davine:Food and Technology, Alycia Dingli: Psychology, Jack Doyle: Music (Vce Vet), Zaylie Le Huray: English, Dominic Miesen: Maths: Further Mathematics, Cassie Milburn: German, Alycia Morrow: English, English Language & Media, Brianna Pawlowicz: Physical Education & Psychology,  Kitty Robinson: Legal Studies, Thomas Spiteri: Maths: Further Mathematics, Stefan Subasic: English Language & Legal Studies,  Annabelle Taylor: Maths: Further Mathematics, Physical Education & Psychology, Massimo Urban: Music (VCE VET),  Corey Vella: English Language, Isabella Williamson: Product Design and Technology, Alana Wilson:English

2016 Subject DUX: The student who attained the highest study score in their subject. (Above 35)
Caitlin Baselmans: Health and Human Development & Indonesian, Maddison Bassal: Psychology, Frank Cicalese: Mathematical Methods,  Lauren Davine: Food and Technology,  Jack Doyle: Music (VCE/VET),  Taylor Filkin: Religion and Society, Chelsea Henaghan: VET/TAFE, Zaylie Le Huray: Specialist Mathematics, Liam Martin: Indonesian, Cassie Milburn: German, Alycia Morrow: English & Media, Reed Panozza: Computing: Software Development, Brianna Pawlowicz: Physical Education, Alexandra Pritchard: Physics,  Kitty Robinson:Biology, Chemistry & Legal Studies, Mitchell Ryan: Physics & Specialist Mathematics, James Simpson: VCAL, Thomas Spiteri: Further Mathematics, Stefan Subasic: English Language,  Annabelle Taylor: Physical Education, Laura Thiele: Literature & Studio Arts,  Massimo Urban: Music (VCE/VET), Corey Vella: English Language, History: Revolutions & Visual Communication Design, Isabella Williamson: Product Design and Technology

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