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2015 VCE/VCAL Award Winners

College DUX for 2015

Jenna Milone achieved an ATAR score of 97.9. Jenna also received the subject dux in Biology, Chemistry and English Language and 40+ in Biology, English Language and Maths: Further Mathematics and a 50 in Health and Human Development in 2014.
Jenna has accepted a position at Deakin University, Waterfront Campus to study a double degree in Nursing and Midwifery.

College High Achiever ATAR  (Students achieved an ATAR above 85. This puts them in the top 15% of students across the state.)

Jenna Milone, Katie Mulholland, Bryce Roberts, Zachary Miesen, Matthew Previti, Mikeala Wheadon, Rehan Tissera, Stephanie Zacharias, Joe Schembri and Jordyn Keating

College High Achiever Award (Students achieved a 40 or higher out of 50. This score places them the top 10% of the State.) 

Maddison Bassal - Outdoor & Environmental Studies
Francesco Cicalese - Maths: Further Mathematics
Alycia Dingli - Outdoor & Environmental Studies
Mikaela Hurst - Health & Human Development
Jordyn Keating - Psychology
Tegan Lafranchi - Media
Zaylie Le Huray - Psychology
Hannah Marshall - Maths: Further Mathematics
Elroy Mascarenhas -It Applications
Dyson Miller - Drama
Jenna Milone - Biology, English Language, Maths: Further Mathematics  
Katie Mulholland - Media, Psychology
Matthew Previti - Maths: Specialist Mathematics
Alexandra Pritchard - Maths: Further Mathematics
Kathleen Rae Robinson - Maths: Further Mathematics, Religion & Society
Bethany Rogers - Outdoor & Environmental Studies
Ryan Mitchell - Maths: Further Mathematics
Joe Schembri - Software Development
Kate Stanley - Psychology
Annabelle Taylor - Outdoor & Environmental Studies
Belinda Unwin - Media
Corey Vella - Maths: Further Mathematics
Mikeala Wheadon - Health & Human Development
Isabella Williamson - Maths: Further Mathematics
Stephanie Zacharias - Health & Human Development   

Subject Winners (Students attained the highest study score in their subject (above 35).

Maddison Bassal - Outdoor And Environmental Studies
Nikalett Godina - Legal Studies, Studio Arts
Brianna Grech - Physical Education
Shannan Greenwood - VCAL
Bowde Griffith - VET
Ryan Hehir - Business Management
Jordyn Keating - English
Zaylie Le Huray - Psychology
Elroy Mascarenhas - IT Applications
Zachary Miesen - Physics
Dyson Miller - Drama
Jenna Milone - Biology, Chemistry, English Language
Katie Mulholland – Media, Psychology
Matthew Previti - Maths: Specialist Mathematics
Kitty Robinson - Maths: Further Mathematics, Religion and Society
Baylie Salton -Languages: Italian
Joe Schembri - Software Development
Travis Sheen - Product Design & Technology
Kate Stanley - Visual Communication Design
Rehan Tissera - Maths: Mathematical Methods (Cas)
Mikeala Wheadon – English, History: Revolutions, Literature, Physical Education
Stephanie Zacharias - Health & Human Development

Jenna Milone Reflection - College Dux

I was fortunate enough to become the College Dux for 2015. This has been an achievement I am very proud of, and so I would like to share some of my experiences from my time at CRC with you, and hopefully inspire you to strive for your best. 
I have been at CRC Melton since Year 7, having previously completed my primary education at St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School in Bacchus Marsh. At the beginning of my secondary education, I would not have called myself a high achiever. I was a quiet, shy Year 7, but I was a hard worker and a dedicated student with a willingness to learn and improve. I would set myself goals, constantly pushing myself and striving to improve my grades on tests and assignments. As my grades continued to improve, I began to gain confidence in my academic abilities and ideas, and through the years my standards increased. This both motivated me and encouraged me to upkeep my study habits and hard work. 
During my final year, I didn't change any of my study habits or work particularly harder than the years before. I treated it like any other year, disciplining myself to work hard and ensure that I was always 100 per cent confident with the content covered in each of my subjects. If I ever had any doubts or was unsure, I would always seek help from my teachers straight away, or if they were unavailable, my past teachers. 
I'd also like to thank all my teachers, especially my VCE teachers, for their patience, and for helping me to achieve my best throughout my time at CRC. I would also like to say a special thank you to Mr Henneman, Mrs Lock, and my homeroom teachers, Mrs Matthews and Mrs Conte, for always looking out for me and supporting me during my VCE. 
To the students, through my own experiences at secondary school, I can honestly say there is no natural talent required to achieve great things. The only two ingredients required are hard work and dedication. There's no secret, no fancy study tips or techniques that I can share with you. If you have an academic dream or goal, with the right attitude and the willingness to put in the time and effort, you will get there. There is no substitute for hard work. 
I am now very excited to be commencing a double degree in nursing and midwifery at Deakin University, and am looking forward to the new challenges ahead. 
I wish you all the best of luck.

Jenna Milone.

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