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2014 Swimming Carnival

The 2014 swimming carnival was always set to be a big day. From the outset the competition was fierce and the Year 12 students had arrived in force with some fantastic costumes on display.
Throughout the day the sun beat down on the pool and to most of our students’ credit the slip slop slap policy was in full effect. As the weather warmed, so did the competition with the lead changing many times throughout the day. As the end of competition drew near, Reed rallied and seemed to have an endless supply of energy, having competitors in almost every race. As the formal races came to a close, the Year 12 students put their performance skills on show with an entertaining display of synchronized swimming. All of the Year 12 students should be commended on their outstanding leadership. In particular special mentions must go to the House Captains listed below.
Reed: Sarah O’Rourke & Ryan Holzer
Daffey: Holly Azzopardi & Hayden McIntyre
Glasheen: Melissa Hill & Cody Ogston
Fitzgerald: Shearna Svaljek & Jordan Morrison
Overall the day was a great success with outstanding examples of comradery, sportsmanship and community spirit on display. Special thanks to the students who embraced the day, the staff who supported students and ran the activities and also the many parents who came down to assist and support.

Mr Nathan Guthridge

Head of Sport

The 2014 swimming carnival for CRC Melton was one of fun, sun and friendly competition.  Reed House battled it out for their 10th year win in a thrilling finish, with the opposing houses putting up a fight.  The Year 12 cohort  entertained the younger year levels, dressing up in their vibrant house colours and putting on a show in their synchronised swimming. From Mario and Luigi to Sumo wrestlers and Superman, the Year 12 students added excitement and fun to the swimming carnival.  It was a day that all enjoyed, with sunburnt faces and tired arms and legs, everyone went home pleased with the competition of the day.

Jemma Hughes, 12Dominic

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