Sports at CRC

Catholic Regional College Melton encourages participation in all aspects of Physical Education and activity ranging from competitive sports to structured fitness and wellbeing programs.

Sport, Physical Education and Health in the Curriculum

Students in years 7 – 9 will take part in a compulsory Physical Education Curriculum during which students will be exposed to a diverse range of sports, with skills instruction and game sense being an integral component of the course. In addition to this Physical Education staff work collaboratively to develop innovative way of fostering both personal and interpersonal development in an encouraging, supportive environment.

From year 10 onwards students are encouraged to select an individually tailored program suited to their academic and sporting pursuits. Students within these classes are encouraged to develop a range of crucial skills and knowledge essential for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Aside from the core components outlined above, Catholic Regional College Melton is committed to providing constant opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to seek further physical activity.

CRC Melton is an affiliated member of the Sports Association of Catholic Coeducational Secondary Schools (SACCSS) and as such, is committed to an exciting range of sports competitions. These include the following:
•    Swimming
•    Athletics
•    Cross Country
•    Tennis
•    Golf
•    Chess
•    Sport Aerobics
•    Premier League: for years 7 - 8 (AFL, Basketball,  Cricket, Netball, Soccer & Volleyball)
•    Intermediate Sports: for years 8 - 10 (Basketball, Futsal, Hockey, Netball, & Volleyball)
•    Senior Sports: for years 10 – 12 (AFL, Basketball, Hockey, Netball & Volleyball)

Outside of SACCSS competitions the college also hosts its own inter-house competitions for swimming and athletics as well as a continuously evolving lunchtime activities program.